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Goodbye blurry VR, Primax's Faceplate, Meta AR Glasses

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Sony revealed July’s top downloads for PSVR2. Guess which game ranked first? No, it wasn’t Beat Saber! It was Synapse, the shooting game. Personally, I felt that the game was okayish in most areas, but 1 feature just blows it out of the park.

It was the first game that made you feel like you had telekinesis powers. You could select an object by just looking at it. Man, I wish I had those powers. I'd be summoning snacks from the kitchen without leaving my gaming chair.

Headlines for people in a hurry:

  • 👀 Almalence Releases A New Plugin To Fix Blurry Vision In VR

  • 💰 Zero Latency Launches VR Competition With A $15k Prize

  • 🐶 Ex-Oculus Team Is Creating Your Future Metaverse Pets

  • 🥽 Pimax Crystal Gets A New & Expensive Faceplate

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Your Blurry VR Experience May Be A Thing Of The Past. Enter Almalence’s ‘Digital Lens’

Ever squinted at your VR headset and thought, "Is it me or is everything blurry?" Well, Almalence has heard your cries and developed a digital lens that corrects those pesky optical distortions.

It's like putting on glasses for the first time and realizing trees have leaves. This lens adjusts the image to match your eye, reducing blurriness and making your virtual world crystal clear.

It's adaptable to existing VR systems, so even your old headset can get a new lease on life. The technology uses software algorithms to correct the image, making it compatible with various VR systems. It's not just a fix; it's a revolution in clarity. Say goodbye to virtual eye strain, and welcome to a world where VR is as clear as your 20/20 vision (or what you wish it was)!


Zero Latency Launches Global VR Competition With A $15k Prize Fund.

Zero Latency is throwing a global VR party, and you're invited! They're launching a worldwide VR competition called ‘Champions of the Undead,’ where players compete in the game, ‘Undead Arena’, which is a VR zombie shooter.

The top player from each region gets a ticket to Las Vegas for the Grand Final, with a $15,000 prize for the winner.

It's like "The Hunger Games," but with virtual zombies and less dystopian drama. The competition runs from August 10 to September 6, 2023, so grab your virtual weapons and get ready to slay!

And if you're worried about the competition, fear not! Zero Latency has ensured that the contest is open to all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned zombie slayer or a newbie with a virtual shotgun, there's a place for you in the arena. Get ready to make friends, defeat foes, and maybe even win big in Vegas!


Pimax Launches Lighthouse Faceplate For Pimax Crystal Headset.

The Pimax Crystal headset was one of the most exciting VR releases of CES 2023. Its visual clarity blew everyone’s expectations. Now, Pimax is rolling out a Lighthouse faceplate for its Crystal headset, and it's as shiny as it sounds.

This faceplate makes the Crystal compatible with SteamVR tracking, but it comes with a price tag that might make your wallet wince: $199. It's designed specifically for the Pimax Crystal and offers sub-millimetre SteamVR tracking.

Expected in the Pimax Store by mid-August, this faceplate is like a high-end accessory for your virtual face. But wait, there's more! The faceplate also promises to enhance the overall performance of the headset, making your VR experience smoother and more immersive.

Just don't forget that the Pimax Crystal still lacks some promised features. This upgrade might be a step in the right direction, but the journey to the perfect VR experience is still ongoing.



One Step Closer To “Ready Player One” Reality

Windup Minds, a startup with veterans from Oculus and other tech giants, has secured $1.6 million in pre-seed funding to develop AI-powered virtual companions for mixed reality. They aim to create realistic pet simulations, building stronger emotional connections with virtual characters, and have attracted investment from notable names including Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell.

👹 Capcom's "Monster Hunter" has reached one million registrations for its new AR mobile game, "Monster Hunter Stories: The Adventure Begins," within a week of pre-registration opening, allowing players to explore the real world to find and battle monsters.

🐿️ Resolution Games' "Acron: Attack of the Squirrels" is now available on Pico Neo 3, expanding its unique cross-platform party game where VR players become a tree fighting off squirrels, previously available on Oculus Quest and other platforms.

🥊 VRSO Studios has announced "Bare-Knuckle Fighting," a new VR boxing game set to launch on Oculus Quest and PC VR in Q3 2023, aiming to provide a realistic and immersive boxing experience.

🔫 Ghosts of Tabor, an extraction-based FPS survival game, has surpassed $3 million in gross revenue on Quest App Lab, with a full release planned for early 2024, available on Quest via App Lab and SteamVR.



ShapesXR Raises $8.6 Million

ShapesXR, a collaborative spatial design app that allows users to prototype spatial interfaces, interactions, and environments, has raised an $8.6 million seed investment.

The app functions like a freeform canvas, enabling users to mock up designs inside VR and understand how everything fits together in 3D. Currently limited to Quest headsets, ShapesXR plans to expand to Apple Vision Pro, Pico, and Magic Leap headsets, broadening accessibility and cross-headset collaboration.

The seed investment was led by Supernode Global and included participation from Triptyq VC, Boost VC, Hartmann Capital, and Geek Ventures. The company's CEO, Inga Petryaevskaya, emphasized that ShapesXR aims to democratize 3D content creation, making it as easy to learn as PowerPoint.



Making Boring Cities Fun Again



“Wait, I don’t look like a graceful Hollywood superstar?”

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