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Meta's AR breakthrough, military VR & imposters

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Happy August. I can’t believe we’re in the second half of 2023 already. I’m not complaining because we’re only 9 months away from the Vision Pro launch…if the rumours are true and they’ll release by May 2024.

In today’s news headlines:

  • 🎖️ US Army Testing Microsoft Hololens For Battle

  • 🥽 Meta’s New AR Breakthrough

  • 📰 Study Finds VR Can Cure Anorexia

  • 🤫 New Among Us Map Released

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Flamera: Meta's New AR Headset Prototype To Light Up SIGGRAPH

Meta's been cooking up something hot in their labs. They'll unveil a new AR headset prototype called Flamera at the SIGGRAPH conference next week (No, it's not a flamethrower. Elon Musk's got that covered.)

Flamera is a passthrough AR headset that uses a high-speed camera to capture the real world and display it on OLED microdisplays. So, what’s so great about this?

Well, external cameras of XR headsets like Quest Pro and Vision Pro sit a few centimetres in front of your eyes and as a result, the outside world is not captured from the correct perspective. We use algorithms to rectify this but they’re not exactly accurate.

In Flamera, the researchers placed numerous apertures behind the lens grid - one behind each lens. These allow only those rays of light to reach an image sensor that would otherwise reach the eye without the headset.

The result? A mixed reality experience that's so seamless, you might forget you're wearing a headset. Be careful not to accidentally rub your eyes and destroy the front display.


Military HoloLens Faces Its Toughest Battle Yet

Microsoft's HoloLens is going to boot camp. The AR headset, dubbed IVAS version 1.2, is set to undergo crucial tests by the U.S. Army. (Hope it's done its push-ups.)

After facing issues with previous versions, Microsoft is confident that the new model is ready for action. The Army has received 20 prototypes and will put them through their paces in August.

One of the key benefits of V1.2 is allowing Soldiers to see outside vehicles before dismounting into a hazardous situation. "IVAS provides a first-person augmented reality perspective that enables the integrating of operational data such as routes and control measures into the person’s field of view," said Lt. Col. Denny Dresch, product manager for IVAS.”

If everything is positive, we could see them being used by the US armed forces sometime after April 2025. However, if the headset doesn't meet expectations, the Army might call for a "new competition". So, no pressure, Microsoft.


Study Finds VR Could Be Used To Treat Anorexia

VR is not just for gaming or virtual meetings. It's also showing promise as a tool in the treatment of anorexia.

Anorexics are constantly battling the fear of gaining weight and self-image. A study conducted at the University Hospital in Tübingen, Germany, found that VR can improve the self-perception of anorexics.

The VR tool allows patients to face their fears in a controlled environment. Initial results suggest that repeated virtual representations of healthy body weight can help reduce the fear of gaining weight.

So, VR might not just change the way we game or work, but also how we heal. This opens up more possibilities in the field of medical VR. We have to start wondering if it can be used to treat other phobias and help in the recovery process of critical diseases.



The Imposters Are Back With A New Adventure

Among Us VR (2022), the standalone VR version of the hit, multi-player game just got a new map called Polus Point.

The studios say the new map includes over 50% more tasks, including a contraption called ‘THE CLAW’, nine new rooms for hidden objects, new kill and ejection animations, and snowstorms.

🎮 Meta Quest Plus August Games: Meta Quest Plus is set to release a slew of new games in August 2023, including the highly anticipated “Walkabout Mini Golf” and “Mothergunship: Forge

🔫 Meta Shooter Improves Horizon Worlds Quest 2: Meta introduced a new game called ‘Super Rumble‘ to Horizon Worlds. It’s free for all and showcases new improvements to the Horizon Worlds platform.

🥽 Pico Neo 3 Link US FCC Regulator Approval: Pico Neo 3 Link has received approval from the US FCC, paving the way for its launch in the US market.

😞 Meta Quest Ecosystem 2023 VR Games Struggling: Many new VR games in the Meta Quest ecosystem are struggling, with declining revenues and interest in Meta Quest 2.

👀 Antilatency Announces Launch of Illumetry IO 3D Display Device: Antilatency has launched its 'Illumetry IO' 3D display device. It’s a cutting-edge MotionParallax3D display designed to elevate the XR experience.



Ready At Dawn Is Hiring

Ready At Dawn is hiring for new positions. The popular game studio was acquired in June 2020 by Meta to develop VR games for its Oculus platform.

They now have open positions for Combat Engineer, Unreal Tools Programmer, Engine Programmer, Senior Sound Engineer at Irvine studios for a Quest game.

You can apply here.

(Not sponsored by the way, in case you’re wondering)



Turning Reality Into A Video Game



The Almighty Algorithm Approves

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Which news interested you the most. Just curious. For me, it was the release of Among Us’ new map. I love playing the game with my friends and if you haven’t tried it in VR, I suggest you do. The lies and the backstabbing only get more real.

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