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PLUS: 1 Million+ Units Sold

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Big news for our international readers who've been envying Americans using Apple's fancy face computer. The Vision Pro’s global launch is live. Meanwhile, their biggest competitor, Meta, isn’t going to sit idly. I’m being told they’re releasing something big to counter Apple, something unfathomable, something...wait, it’s just a Sabrina Carpenter concert in VR? Hmm, not what I had in mind, but not bad, I guess?

 Joel Johnson, Founder & Chief Editor

Headlines for people in a hurry:

  • 🌎 Apple Vision Pro Goes Global: Now Available in 9 Countries

  • 📊 Meta Quest 3 Hits Million-Headset Milestone

  • 🌐 Horizon Worlds Expands to 23 Countries

  • 🎤 Disney Star Sabrina Carpenter to Host Global VR Concert in Horizon Worlds

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Apple Vision Pro Launches Globally: Now Available In 9 Countries

Apple's pricey VR headset (oops, sorry Tim) spatial computer is spreading its wings and flying the nest! Vision Pro has officially expanded beyond U.S. borders, launching in a total of nine countries. Here's the scoop on Apple's international VR invasion:

  • China, Japan, and Singapore just got their hands on Vision Pro. Preorders are shipping, and you can now demo the headset in Apple Stores.

  • The UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia aren't far behind. Preorders are open now, with shipping and in-store availability starting July 12th.

  • Pricing varies by country, but prepare your wallets: Vision Pro starts at ¥30,000 in China, £3500 in the UK, CA$5000 in Canada, and a whopping AU$6000 in Australia.

  • This expansion comes hot on the heels of Apple announcing visionOS 2, though international buyers will have to stick with version 1 until the fall update.

Why It Matters: Apple's global rollout shows they're serious about establishing Vision Pro as a worldwide platform. However, with Meta's Quest headsets already available in 23 countries (and at a fraction of the price), Apple's playing catch-up in the international VR race. The eye-watering price tags across all markets also raise questions about how quickly Apple can grow its spatial computing ecosystem beyond early adopters and tech enthusiasts. Will Vision Pro find its footing globally, or will it remain a pricey curiosity?


Meta Has Sold Over 1 Million Units of Quest 3

Looks like Meta's latest VR headset is flying off the shelves faster than you can say "mixed reality." Here's the scoop on Quest 3's sales success:

  • At least one million Quest 3 headsets have been sold since its October 2023 launch.

  • The estimate comes from VR dev and enthusiast Daven Bigelow who tracked the number of users who’ve played the “First Encounters” tutorial, exclusive to Quest 3. This means 1 million is the minimum figure. The real number could be much higher.

  • For context, Meta's previous Quest headsets (1, 2, and Pro combined) have sold over 20 million units to date. Quest 3 is off to a solid start, but it's got big shoes to fill.

  • With Quest 2 stocks running low, the rumored budget-friendly Quest 3S could be Meta's next big seller.

Why It Matters: Quest 3's million-unit milestone shows there's still plenty of appetite for VR, especially as the tech improves. However, the impending arrival of a more affordable Quest 3S model highlights Meta's strategy to capture both high-end and budget-conscious consumers. As Apple enters the market with its premium Vision Pro, Meta seems determined to maintain its lead by offering options at various price points.


Laughing Stock To Top 10 App: Meta's Horizon Worlds Expands to 23 Countries

ooks like Meta's virtual hangout space is finally getting its passport stamped! Horizon Worlds is set to launch in a whopping 16 new countries. Here's the lowdown on this digital expansion:

  • After being limited to just seven countries since 2021, Horizon Worlds is breaking out. New territories include Germany, Japan, Australia, and a bunch more European nations.

  • This rollout will make Horizon Worlds available in all 23 countries where Quest headsets are officially sold. Talk about synergy!

  • It's not just for VR anymore – mobile and web versions of Horizon Worlds are also on the way in the coming months.

  • Fun fact: Horizon Worlds has gone from internet punchline to one of Quest's top 10 apps. Looks like those avatar legs and new games are paying off!

Why It Matters: This expansion shows Meta doubling down on Horizon Worlds as a key part of its metaverse strategy. By aligning Horizon's availability with Quest's market presence, Meta's creating a more cohesive ecosystem. It's also a sign that Meta sees Horizon not just as a social VR app, but as a potential connective tissue for various devices running on its Horizon OS. As the platform grows, it could become a more significant challenger to other social VR spaces and even traditional social media. The metaverse may still be under construction, but Meta's laying the groundwork for a truly global virtual community.



Apple Has Alicia Keys? Zuck Brings Sabrina Carpenter!

  • 🎤 Disney star Sabrina Carpenter to give a VR concert in Meta's Horizon Worlds, available globally from July 19th.

  • 🖐️ Ultraleap undergoes layoffs amidst hand-tracking advancements and industry challenges.

  • 🎮 Meta Quest expands game streaming options with new PC VR capabilities through Avalanche.

  • 💸 Meta Quest users can try these coupon codes for up to 90% discounts on popular VR titles and accessories.

  • 🏢 Gamescom 2024 announces an XR MegaBooth, showcasing the latest in VR and AR innovations.



Space Exploration Done Right



Funding Report: Distance Raises $2.7M for Glasses-Free XR

Distance Technologies Oy, a Finnish startup developing glasses-free extended reality (XR) technology, has emerged from stealth with a $2.7 million pre-seed funding round. The oversubscribed round was led by FOV Ventures and Maki.vc, with additional investments from Business Finland and David Helgason's Foobar.vc.

Distance's technology aims to transform transparent surfaces like car windshields or airplane windows into XR displays, without the need for headsets or glasses. The company claims its solution offers "flawless per-pixel depth covering the entire field of view" using a computer-generated 3D light field.

Co-founded by Urho Konttori, previously of XR hardware company Varjo, Distance is targeting the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. The startup is already in talks with several automotive OEMs for potential integration into vehicles.



“Vision Pro: Forget Your Problems Exist (For Just $3499)”

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