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Meta's Massive Outage, visionOS 1.1 Release, Quest's Lying Down Feature and more

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Headlines for people in a hurry:

  • ⚠️ Quest Headsets Stopped Working For An Hour On Tuesday

  • 🛍️ Shopping: StockX Launches An Apple Vision Pro App

  • 🥽 Apple Officially Releases VisionOS 1.1 Update

  • 🛏️ New Quest Update Will Let You Use Apps Lying Down

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Massive Meta Outage Makes Quest Headsets Useless For An Hour

Subscribers who read our Tuesday newsletter and went on to check out the cool new XR apps we listed were met with a strange message on their Quest headsets. Meta recently faced a significant outage that rendered Quest headsets unusable for about an hour, sparking concerns among users and developers alike. The incident, which also affected Meta's other services like Facebook and Instagram, left Quest users staring at a 'Something went wrong' screen, unable to access the main system interface or launch any apps.

What happened:

  • Every internet-connected Quest headset stopped working due to erroneous login-session-related data sent by Meta's servers, making the headset think the login was invalid.

  • Meta's CTO, Andrew Bosworth, and VP of VR, Mark Rabkin, acknowledged the issue, explaining it was an unexpected outcome of a server error.

  • Meta has vowed to make Quest headsets "more resilient" to such rare conditions in the future, ensuring a more stable and reliable user experience.

Why it matters:

In a time when driving with Vision Pros and other mixed reality headsets is being normalized, just imagine what would’ve happened if your feed was cut to black while doing such dangerous activities. This outage highlights the vulnerabilities of relying on cloud-based services for essential device functionality. For Meta, a company at the forefront of VR technology, ensuring the reliability of their headsets is crucial to maintaining user trust and advancing the adoption of VR.


StockX Launches Spatial App For Vision Pro

Popular sneaker and streetwear reseller, StockX, has launched an innovative shopping app for the Apple Vision Pro, marking a significant step forward in immersive retail experiences. This app introduces a virtual sneaker showcase with 3D models of top releases, allowing users to interact with products in their own space using augmented reality along with interactive market data.

  • 3D models of sneakers will appear on shelves inside the user’s home. Users can play around with the shoes and examine the detailing.

  • Product catalog can be navigated with eye tracking and hand gestures.

  • Interactive graphs and sales information with market data from StockX.

  • High-resolution shoppable outfits.

  • In-app purchasing.

Why it matters: The launch of StockX's app on Apple Vision Pro is a testament to the evolving landscape of online shopping, blending the convenience of digital platforms with the immersive experience of physical retail. One of the biggest downsides of online shopping is that you can’t really calculate the product dimensions and visualize them in your space, leading to returns and wasted time. This app solves such problems. Expect more retailers to join the trend soon.


Better Personas, Less Bugs! The visionOS 1.1 Update Is Ready

On Tuesday, we reported the visionOS 1.1 release candidate, and now the real thing has arrived pretty fast. Apple Vision Pro's first major update has been officially released and brings enhanced personas with some much-needed system polish. This update introduces Mobile Device Management (MDM) for easier workplace management, a feature allowing users to reset their device after failed password attempts, and improvements for developers in app placement. Users are prompted to re-capture their persona with the latest technology for better image quality.

  • MDM features streamline device management for businesses.

  • New reset option enhances security for forgotten passcodes.

  • Developers can now create apps with volumetric scenes closer to users.

The release of visionOS 1.1 is significant, marking Apple's dedication to refining the Vision Pro experience. By addressing user feedback and adding new functionalities, Apple aims to solidify Vision Pro's position in both consumer and enterprise markets, potentially broadening its appeal and usage scenarios.


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Taking It Lying Down: Upcoming Quest Update Lets You Use Apps Lying Down

  • 🥽 Meta Quest’s new update will let users play games and use apps lying down for Quest Pro and Quest 2 (no mention of Quest 3)

  • 🦍 Gorilla Tag surpasses 100K ratings on Quest Store, doubling Beat Saber's count.

  • 💻 SideQuest introduces a simpler way to install its app on Quest via the web.

  • 🚫 PlutoSphere ends service following Meta's cloud VR streaming ban.

  • 🎥 VLC developing an app for Vision Pro, open to a Quest version.

  • 🕹️ WinlatorXR allows playing PC games natively on Quest.

  • 🤖 Copresence adds AI avatar rendering to its platform.

  • 🔋 Quest v62 update extends Air Link battery life by over 50%.

  • 💰 Meta Quest introduces 'Quest Cash' for easier gifting.


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The Future Of Soccer

  • Immersiv teased their upcoming Vision Pro app that lets you watch sports on multiple screens and at the bottom, a 3D visualizer of players in real-time.

  • ⚒️ Sharpr3D lets you engineer and design products with your colleagues together in XR

  • 🧘 Headspace XR brings mindfulness to Quest this March, adapting its popular app for VR meditation.

  • 🕵️ Thief Simulator VR offers a free demo on Quest 3, teaching you the art of becoming a master thief in VR.

  • 🖼️ Place your memories in photo albums on your virtual wall seamlessly using AR tech with the Deskframe app.

  • ⚾ Swing for the fences in MLB Home Run Derby VR, coming soon to Meta Quest 3 for all baseball fans.

  • 🐉 Dragon Front Rising offers a hands-on experience with strategic gameplay in a fantastical VR world.



RetinaLogik Wants To Prevent Vision Loss With AI And VR

RetinaLogik, a Calgary-based startup, has recently secured $783,000 CAD in an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round led by HaloHealth. This innovative company is on a mission to revolutionize vision care by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with virtual reality (VR) to create a portable eye test device.

This device aims to make vision care more accessible and efficient, especially in areas where traditional eye care services are not readily available.

This funding will enable RetinaLogik to expand its team, enhance its product offerings with new vision tests, support device sales, and pursue Class 2 certification from Health Canada.

With a total raise of $1.7 million to date, including both dilutive and non-dilutive funding, RetinaLogik is set to address the challenges in the vision care industry by providing a cheaper, faster, and portable alternative to traditional eye test machines.



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