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Vision Pro international release, Apple's China Problems and more

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Looks like the author of ‘Ready Player One’ is serious about bringing his fictional metaverse into reality. Can the film’s popularity drive more public interest in the metaverse? I’m hopeful and skeptical at the same time.

 Joel Johnson, Founder & Chief Editor

Headlines for people in a hurry:

  • 🌎 Vision Pro Keyboard Hints Imminent International Launch

  • 🤖 Ready Player One Author Unveils AAA Meteverse Game

  • 🥽 Huawei’s “Vision Pro” Trademark To Cause Apple Problems

  • 🏃 Virtuix Omni One Treadmill Launching in Q2 With 35 Games

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Ready Player One Author Unveils “Open”

Ernest Cline, the author of "Ready Player One, has unveiled an ambitious AAA metaverse game titled "Open" at the SXSW festival. Developed in collaboration with Walker Labs and Readyverse Studios, "Open" is set to offer a unique blend of cooperative and competitive gameplay across a variety of genres and intellectual properties. (Teaser video here)

  • "Open," aims to bring a Fortnite-style battle royale experience, enriched with elements from shooting, driving, and tactical strategy games.

  • The game is designed to feature a rich tapestry of pop culture references and globally recognized IPs, reminiscent of the diverse universe seen in "Ready Player One."

  • Leveraging Web3 and AIGC technologies, "Open" will allow users, developers, and brands to create interconnected experiences within its universe. Early partnerships include Reebok, DeLorean, Cool Cats, and FLUF World.

  • It’s been announced for PC and “other platforms,” but it’s not yet clear if the game will be available in VR or AR.

  • Our January newsletter previously reported on the partnership between Futureverse and Ernest Cline, highlighting the development of the Readyverse platform, which aims to integrate leading products and brands into its expansive metaverse.

"Open" represents a significant leap towards the realization of the interconnected virtual worlds envisioned by Cline, potentially setting a new benchmark for immersion and interactivity within the metaverse.


A Keyboard Update Suggests Vision Pro’s International Launch Coming Soon

Apple's Vision Pro, initially launched exclusively in the US on February 2nd, is poised for an international expansion. Recent discoveries in Vision Pro's 1.1 visionOS update reveal the addition of 12 new languages, including Simplified Chinese, suggesting a broader launch into markets where Meta's Quest 3 is notably absent, such as mainland China.

  • Vision Pro's update includes languages indicating launches in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the UK, France, and Germany.

  • The inclusion of Simplified Chinese in Vision Pro's language options points towards a potential launch in mainland China, a significant market where Apple already has a strong presence with its iPhone lineup.

  • This move contrasts with Meta's Quest 3, which is not available in mainland China, highlighting the competitive advantages between Apple and Meta in the global VR market.

Why it matters: With slowing initial surge in the US, the international release could bring in more revenue for Apple and convince more developers to join onboard the Vision Pro ecosystem.


Virtuix Omni One Coming In Q2 With 35 Games

Your VR games are about to get more scary and exciting. The Virtuix Omni One, one of the most promising VR treadmills out there, is set to launch in Q2 2024. It is compatible with an impressive lineup of around 35 VR games, including many quality titles. Priced at $2,600 US plus shipping, the package includes the Pico 4 Enterprise VR headset, valued at around $900, and four VR games optimized for Omni One. The launch titles span a variety of genres, offering something for every type of VR enthusiast.

  • Virtuix Omni One will launch with 35 games, including "Ghostbusters: Rise of The Ghost Lord," “Titanic: A Space Between,” and "Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom."

  • The device, aimed at home users, allows for running, kneeling, jumping, and more, enhancing the VR experience with physical movement.

  • Pre-orders are currently open, with shipping limited to the continental US.

This launch represents a significant step forward in making immersive VR experiences more accessible to home users, combining physical activity with virtual exploration.


Ready Player One

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Huawei To Cause Trademark Problems For Apple

  • 🖥️ Virtual Desktop introduces inside-out body tracking and Vive Tracker emulation for Quest 3, enhancing VR immersion.

  • 🇨🇳 Apple Vision Pro may face a Huawei 'problem' in China due to trademark issues, complicating its launch.

  • 🔄 Meta replaces broken Quest 3 Elite straps with battery free of charge, addressing durability concerns.

  • 🎮 Meta boosts the Godot Engine with funding for OpenXR and Quest improvements, supporting open-source VR development.

  • 🌳 CyubeVR announces its release date for PSVR 2, bringing a Minecraft-like building experience to VR.

  • 🎲 Demeo introduces a new multiplayer save system, making it easier to pause and resume games.


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  • Dive into meme madness with Leeroy, a VR party game packed with pop culture references and internet humor.

  • Rule your island in Tropico VR, bringing the beloved city management sim to Quest this month.

  • Experience whimsical puzzles in Tin Hearts, a VR game that combines storytelling with intricate problem-solving.

  • Shoot hoops in VR with Just Hoops, a retro-inspired basketball game now on Apple Vision Pro.

  • Piece together masterpieces in ArtPuzzle, a relaxing jigsaw puzzle game for Meta Quest, featuring famous works of art.

  • Explore the world of augmented reality with Niantic's new WebXR demos for Quest 3 and smartphones, showcasing the potential of AR in everyday apps.



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