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Sony Halts PSVR2 Production, More PC Games Coming To VR, NVIDIA's Metaverse, Cheaper Quest 3 Lite leaks,

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Headlines for people in a hurry:

  • Sony Is Pausing PSVR2 Production Due To Slow Sales

  • ⚠️ The Quest 3 Lite Design Has Been Leaked

  • 🥽 Flat2VR Is Officially Bringing More PC Games To VR

  • 🚗 NVIDIA Launches Their Metaverse App In Vision Pro

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Quest 3 Lite Design Leaked On Reddit: Genuine Or Just A Prank?

Speculation around a potential "Meta Quest 3 Lite" has been ignited by a Reddit post from an anonymous user. The post, which has since been deleted, led to discussions about whether these images reveal the long-rumored Meta Quest 3 Lite, expected to launch in 2024 as a successor to Quest 2, or just an early April Fools joke.

What happened:

  • On Saturday, Reddit user u/LuffySanKira posted the above image, claiming they were shown these graphics in what was likely a Meta User Research Zoom meeting.

  • Meta usually does advertising feedback sessions like this (signed under NDA) to test promotional materials. So these names could just be placeholders.

  • Based on earlier reports, this Quest 2 successor will be a downgraded version of the latest Quest 3, with the Q3’s powerful chip but with Q2’s fresnel lenses and a single LCD panel.

  • The image shows 6 sensors which is highly unlikely because it would increase manufacturing costs and Meta wants to keep the price down compared to the $500 Quest 3.

Why it matters:

The cheaper Quest 2, released in 2020, was arguably the most successful VR headset ever produced with over 20 million units sold. This worthy successor at a $299 price point will introduce more users to the VR ecosystem and thus, has a lot riding on it. The VR industry is eagerly waiting for its release.


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Low Sales: Sony Pausing Production Of PSVR2

Sony is reportedly pausing the production of PlayStation VR2 due to slower-than-expected sales and inventory piling up, according to a Bloomberg report. This decision comes alongside the closure of PlayStation London, the studio behind the VR title "Blood & Truth," and layoffs in other studios, including those involved in "Horizon Call Of The Mountain." The move to halt PSVR 2 production raises questions about the future of Sony's VR ambitions and the broader VR market's challenges.

Why it matters:

  • Before the launch of the Vision Pro, Sony was the second-biggest VR headset manufacturer after Meta. Together, the two giants contributed to 80% of headset sales in Q2, 2023.

  • So a decline in sales for Sony could mean a downturn for the industry as a whole.

  • Or, it could mean that the older PSVR2 cannot compete with the latest Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro.

  • The PSVR2 not being a standalone headset compared to the Q3 and AVP and requiring a PlayStation 5 to run, could also be a major factor.


More PC Games To Enter The Virtual World

The Flat2VR community has been unofficially modding 2D games like Cyberpunk 2077, Half-Life 2, and various Resident Evil remakes. However, Flat2VR Studios, a new entity formed by the publishing and marketing company Impact Reality is trying to officially license such ports and bring a ton of new PC games into VR.

The studio's formation is a direct outcome of the enthusiasm within the Flat2VR community and involves collaboration with renowned VR modders like Team Beef, Cabalistic, and Raicuparta, known for their work on classics such as Doom, Quake 3 Arena, Half-Life 2 VR, Outer Wilds, and Firewatch.

  • Bridging Worlds: Flat2VR Studios is set to redefine how gamers experience their favorite flatscreen titles by bringing them into the virtual reality realm.

  • Collaborative Effort: The studio's partnership with veteran VR modders promises high-quality VR adaptations of popular games.

  • Anticipated Releases: While details on the first licensed VR game remain secretive, a launch is expected around late 2024 or early 2025 on major VR platforms like Meta Quest, PlayStation VR2, and Steam.

This venture highlights the growing interest in VR adaptations of established video games, offering a new perspective on how we engage with digital worlds.


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Playing With 3D Objects In Your Space

  • 🌐 NVIDIA's Omniverse Cloud brings digital twins to the Apple Vision Pro in real time.

  • 🌷 The Quest Store's Spring Deals for 2024 are here up to 30% OFF on titles like Asgard’s Wrath 2.

  • 🌐 Meta introduces browser extensions for the Quest browser in beta, enhancing web surfing capabilities in VR.

  • 💼 HTC Viveport improves developer support with a new revenue share model, with a 90% cut.

  • 🍏 The Apple Vision Pro App Store is now accessible from your browser, making app discovery easier for users.

  • 🏗️ Industrial group Liebherr commissions a production hall designed in Virtual Reality, showcasing the potential of VR in designing sustainable manufacturing spaces.


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Using The Full Mixed Reality Power Of Quest 3

  • 🚀 Starship Home offers Quest 3 users an exclusive chance to manage their very own space station, blending strategy and simulation in a deep space setting.

  • 🏍️ VRider brings superbike racing to life on Quest and PC VR, promising adrenaline-pumping action and realistic physics for racing enthusiasts.

  • ✍️ AirDraw for Apple Vision Pro lets users draw in the air with a free mixed reality app, turning the space around them into a canvas for creativity.

  • 🚴 CycleBar on Meta Quest 3 brings the indoor cycling experience into VR, offering a new way to stay fit while immersing in virtual worlds.

  • 🌌 Meta Quest‘s Expansion introduces a VR real-time strategy and deckbuilding game, expanding the universe of gameplay possibilities for Meta Quest users.



When You Tan Too Hard Wearing The Vision Pro

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