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PLUS: Meta's HUGE Announcement, Samsung's AVP Competitor and more

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I’ve been gone for only two weeks and looks like the whole world has turned on its head. Apparently, no one wants the Vision Pro anymore; Meta just became the Microsoft of VR; and there’s a new movie with both Deadpool and Wolverine in it. Was I in a coma?

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Headlines for people in a hurry:

  • 📉 Apple Vision Pro Sales Plummet To New Lows

  • 🛍️ Meta Is Now Selling Their Quest OS to Other Manufacturers

  • 🥽 Samsung’s New Patent Hints A Better Headset Than Vision Pro

  • 🎵 RayBan Meta Glasses Can Now Play Apple Music

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Everyone’s Already Forgotten About The Vision Pro

Just two months after its highly anticipated release, the Apple Vision Pro's excitement has noticeably dwindled, with sales significantly slowing down and interest fading among consumers.

  • Initially, the Apple Vision Pro saw robust sales, including 180,000 units during its January pre-order weekend. However, some Apple stores are now reportedly down to selling just a handful of Vision Pros each week.

  • Demand for demos has plummeted since the launch, with many booked appointments for testing the Vision Pro going unfilled.

  • Users on platforms like Reddit have voiced concerns about the headset's practicality in everyday life, discomfort during use, and a lack of compelling apps on the Vision Pro app store. They said it’s good for watching movies but it wasn’t the productivity machine they were promised.

Why It Matters: The rapid decline in interest and sales of the Apple Vision Pro highlights the challenges of introducing high-end, mixed reality tech to a consumer market that may not be ready for widespread adoption. The initial excitement was overshadowed by practicality issues and a lack of content, suggesting that even Apple’s prowess in marketing and innovation might not be enough to sustain early enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology. The good news is that Apple isn’t giving up. They’ve increased their marketing efforts and now prominently highlight Vision Pro on the apple.com homepage.


The MS Windows Of VR: Meta Will Sell Their Quest OS To Other Manufacturers

The war for an open XR ecosystem is getting heated as Meta’s Horizon OS will run on third-party headsets from other companies. This will be a big blow for Google, as they’re developing an Android-equivalent ecosystem for XR headsets.

Now headset manufacturers will be forced to choose between Meta’s software and Google’s. As it stands, the choice will be easy because Meta’s mature ecosystem contains all the best apps and games, while Google is starting from scratch. That being said, Google does have millions of existing 2D Android apps, which could be useful in many cases.

The details:

  • Meta Horizon OS will replace the Quest software platform, extending its capabilities to third-party headset manufacturers.

  • Notable companies like ASUS and Lenovo are developing headsets that will run on Meta Horizon OS, indicating a broader adoption and potential customization for various user needs.

  • Despite the expansion, Meta will continue to develop its own Quest hardware, maintaining a dual approach to both in-house and third-party hardware.


Samsung’s New Patent Filing Suggests Their Headset Could Be Better Than Vision Pro

Samsung is gearing up to potentially challenge Apple's Vision Pro with a new VR headset, as revealed by a recent patent filing. This move could heat up the competition in the high-end VR market.

Key Details:

  • Advanced Features: The patent suggests the headset could include advanced features such as infrared sensors for augmented reality, and integration with Samsung’s ecosystem of devices.

  • Health and Fitness Integration: Notably, the headset might collect fitness-related data directly from a paired smartwatch, such as heart rate and calories, enhancing its utility in health and wellness.

  • Enhanced User Interaction: According to the patent, the headset could display virtual avatars and utilize an array of sensors to interact dynamically with the user's environment, suggesting a highly immersive experience.

Why It Matters: Samsung’s entry into the VR space with potentially superior features to Apple’s Vision Pro underscores the growing importance of VR technology in consumer electronics. By integrating closely with its other products, such as smartwatches and wireless earbuds, Samsung is not just aiming to compete but also to leverage its ecosystem to offer a more cohesive user experience. This strategy could give Samsung an edge in appealing to consumers who value integration across their technology solutions, potentially positioning it as a strong contender against Apple’s offerings in the VR market.


Who do you think will win the open XR war? Google or Meta?

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Meta’s Unexpected Collab With Microsoft

  • 🎮 Meta collaborates with Xbox to introduce a limited edition Meta Quest headset, featuring an Xbox controller for enhanced gaming.

  • 🕶️ Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses now seamlessly stream Apple Music, elevating the wearable experience.

  • 🗑️ Meta is phasing out the Quest App Lab, merging its apps into the main store for easier access.

  • 🎉 Meta's Quest Store launches a massive VR games sale, offering discounts up to 64%.

  • 📺 YouTube enhances Quest 3 with support for 8K 180-degree 3D videos, pushing the limits of VR visual quality.

  • 💸 Meta Quest 2 accessories receive a permanent price drop of more than 50%.

  • 🏆 Festival de Cannes introduces an immersive competition category to honor immersive storytelling in film.

  • 🚀 DPVR launches the E4 ARC VR headset with Ultraleap hand-tracking, enhancing user interaction.


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Turn Your Home Into A Laser Tag Arena

  • 🔫 Laser Limbo Open Beta: Test your reflexes in the open beta of Laser Limbo on Quest App Lab, a high-stakes laser tag VR game..

  • 🦖 Prehistoric Planet: Experience the Mesozoic era like never before in Episode 2, now available on Apple Vision Pro.

  • 🏗️ Anarchitects: Engage in a creatively chaotic VR sandbox experience where multiplayer meets creativity and destruction.

  • 🧩 Escape Simulator VR: Challenge your puzzle-solving skills in realistic escape room scenarios, now in immersive VR.

  • 🏙️ Blade Runner: MetaCity Patrol: Patrol the dystopian streets in this Blade Runner universe, a thrilling exploration and action game.



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