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PLUS: Apple Teams Up With Tencent, Meta Rayban AI Rollout, Horizon Workroom Changes & More

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Wishing everyone a blessed Good Friday. You know who’s not having a good Friday? An Apple employee who’s being sued by Apple for leaking Vision Pro secrets to the press. Let’s dive straight in…

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Headlines for people in a hurry:

  • ⚖️ Apple Sues Former iOS Engineer For Leaking Vision Pro Info

  • 👓 Release Of Multimodal AI For Meta Smartglasses In April

  • 🥽 Apple Partners Up With Tencent For China Release

  • 🏢 Big Changes Coming To Meta Horizon Workrooms

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Apple Sues Ex-Employee For Leaking Vision Pro Secrets To The Press

Alleged conversation between Aude and WSJ Reporter (Credit: Apple)

Apple has initiated a lawsuit against Andrew Aude, a former iOS engineer, for allegedly leaking sensitive information about the company's products, including the Vision Pro and the unreleased Journal app.

This story is important to us because, for the last 9 months, we’ve been reporting every leak and rumor regarding the Vision Pro development. The information mostly comes from internal leakers such as Aude as well as equipment manufacturers, supply chain analysts, and even workers in the product assembly line.

The details:

  • Aude is accused of sharing details about Apple's Journal app, VisionOS headset development, and other product hardware characteristics with journalists and employees of other companies.

  • The lawsuit highlights over 1,400 encrypted messages exchanged with a Wall Street Journal journalist and more than 10,000 texts to a reporter from The Information, including in-person meetings.

  • After initially denying the allegations, Aude reportedly admitted in a subsequent meeting to leaking information about Apple's regulatory compliance strategies, unannounced products, and hardware features to at least two journalists.

Why It Matters: Leaking confidential information about upcoming products can take away the company’s leading edge. Before the launch of the product, their competitors will have time to start working on similar products and ruin the first mover’s advantage.


Multimodal AI Support Coming To Meta SmartGlasses In April

Image Credit: New York Times

After so many leaks and beta testing reviews, it looks like Meta’s multimodal AI for Meta Rayban glasses is finally ready for the public. Slated for release in April, this update will empower the glasses to understand and respond to visual cues from the user's environment.

The details:

  • By simply saying "Hey Meta, look and…", users can engage the AI to analyze their surroundings using the glasses' camera, offering a hands-free, interactive experience.

  • The AI's capabilities were tested by New York Times journalists, demonstrating its ability to translate signs in multiple languages, identify animal breeds at the zoo, and even discern gluten-free products in grocery stores, despite some humorous inaccuracies.

  • Beyond this, the AI shows promise in practical scenarios, such as navigating foreign cities by translating languages or assisting in shopping by providing product information.

Why It Matters: The integration of multimodal AI into the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses marks a significant step forward in wearable technology, blending the digital and physical worlds more seamlessly than ever before. As Meta continues to refine this technology, the potential for smart glasses to become an indispensable tool in our everyday lives grows increasingly apparent.


Apple Partners With Tencent For China Launch

Image Credit: Apple Insider

Apple's Vision Pro is poised for a significant boost in China, thanks to a new partnership with Tencent, one of the country's tech giants. This collaboration could greatly enhance the headset's appeal and functionality within the Chinese market, marking a strategic move by Apple as it prepares for the Vision Pro's launch in China later in 2024.

The details:

  • Tencent owns the majority of apps being used by Chinese smartphone users, including the all-in-one super app called WeChat and a popular video-streaming service with 450 million users.

  • They’re reportedly set to bring some of its major applications to visionOS, Apple's operating system for the Vision Pro.

  • The partnership aims to fill the gap in local content for the Vision Pro in China, where Western streaming services like Disney+ are not available. Tencent's involvement means users in China could enjoy a rich selection of localized content right from their headsets.

  • This move underscores the ongoing relationship between Apple and Tencent, which has previously seen WeChat integrate mini apps for various services. It also aligns with Tencent's existing ventures into AR and VR software, including collaborations with Meta for the Quest headset.

Why It Matters: The collaboration between Apple and Tencent for the Vision Pro's launch in China is a significant development for both companies. For Apple, partnering with a local powerhouse like Tencent not only ensures a wealth of content tailored for the Chinese market but also strengthens its position in a highly competitive tech landscape with local VR players like PICO. For Tencent, this partnership reaffirms its role as a key player in the AR and VR ecosystem, potentially setting a precedent for future collaborations in the industry.



Big Changes Coming To Meta Horizon Workrooms

  • 🔄 Horizon Workrooms is undergoing a significant overhaul that simplifies meeting setups but removes several features including the virtual whiteboard and file sharing.

  • 📅 Apple's WWDC24, scheduled for June 10, will highlight advancements in visionOS, with expectations for visionOS 2 preview, signaling major updates for Apple Vision Pro.

  • ⚽ The Premier League has entered a four-year partnership with VR developer Rezzil to bring iconic football moments to VR.

  • 🛑 Meta is selectively allowing Quest MR apps to disable the safety boundary, currently limited to whitelisted developers for safety in mixed reality.

  • 💼 Meta and Tencent's collaboration to launch a more affordable Quest 3 Lite in China aims to offer a competitive alternative to Apple Vision Pro.

  • 🎟 Meta Quest developers can now offer subscription discounts, enhancing strategies for subscriber retention and acquisition.

  • 🗣 Solos AirGo3 smart glasses introduce translation for 25 languages with SolosChat, enhancing user communication without needing displays.

  • 🚫 The original Oculus Quest will soon no longer receive new apps, with support focusing on existing apps and critical updates until August 2024.


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Spatial Billiards

  • 🎱 3D Pool brings an inventive take on billiards to VR, now available on Quest's App Lab.

  • MLB Home Run Derby VR lets you swing for the fences in all 30 major league ballparks, now with a 100-level progression system and online multiplayer.

  • 🧩 Retropolis dot.Line is a free mixed reality puzzle game for Quest 3, offering a charming and challenging experience.

  • 🐜 Smalland: Survive The Wilds VR immerses you in an insect-world survival adventure, demanding resourcefulness and bravery to thrive.

  • 🏰 Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement lets you build and manage a medieval settlement, engaging in crafting, exploration, and establishing a dynasty.

  • 🎵 RAGER introduces rhythm melee combat to Quest with a free demo, allowing players to fend off cyborgs with various weapons timed to music.

  • 🏝 Tropico VR lets you rule as El Presidente in a virtual Caribbean, managing your nation in this immersive city and political simulation.



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