🥽 Apple CAN'T Make A Cheaper Vision Pro

PLUS: Meta's Mind-Blowing AR Glasses, 30% Bump In Q1 Revenue

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Apple is struggling to make a cheaper Vision Pro, as any cost-cutting measure drastically reduces the superior experience of the product. Meanwhile, Meta is having a fun time as their VR division saw a 30% quarterly growth in revenue. Plus, they’re also ready to unveil their biggest tech yet, which they claim will genuinely blow people’s minds.

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  • ⚠️ Apple Is Struggling To Reduce Cost For Vision Pro SE

  • 🤯 Meta Head Of AR: New Glasses Will Make People Go ‘Wow’

  • 📈 Meta’s VR Division Sees 30% Revenue Growth In Q1

  • 👓 RayBan Glasses Get Visual AI In US And Canada

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Vision Pro Delayed To Late 2026 As Apple Struggles To Make A Cheaper Variant

Apple is reportedly setting its sights on a late 2026 launch for the Vision Pro 2, and is struggling to release a cheaper Vision Pro which was scheduled for 2025. Here’s what’s unfolding behind the scenes:

  • According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, a reliable source on Apple's internal plans, the roadmap for Apple does not foresee a second-generation model of the Vision Pro until the end of 2026. Efforts are currently focused on designing a cost-effective version to be released beforehand.

  • Apple is reportedly facing difficulties in reducing costs effectively. Despite exploring various technology adjustments, such as using an A-series chipset, the challenge remains significant due to the high cost of the current micro-OLED displays.

  • The high price of nearly $700 per headset for micro-OLED displays, sourced exclusively from Sony, is a major hurdle. Apple is exploring alternatives with other suppliers like BOE and SeeYa Technology to potentially bring down costs and ramp up production.

Why It Matters: The development of a more affordable Vision Pro variant is crucial for Apple to broaden its market reach and compete more effectively in the growing VR sector. Unlike an iPhone or even a Macbook which can be used for work, asking people to pay their monthly salary for a new technology without a strong use case is not ideal. The challenge of balancing cost reduction without compromising on quality features such as the display highlights the complexities involved in the mass production of cutting-edge technology.


Meta’s Upcoming AR Glasses Promise To Blow You Away

Image Courtesy: Meta

Meta is committed to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality with its forthcoming Project Nazare, promising a "wow" moment with high field of view immersion, as detailed by Caitlin Kalinowski, Head of AR Glasses Hardware, in a recent interview with Android Central.

Key Insights:

  • Innovative Design: Kalinowski highlights that the upcoming AR glasses will not just be another iteration in the wearable tech space but will offer a transformative visual experience with "high field of view immersion," setting them apart from current AR devices like HoloLens 2 or Magic Leap 2.

  • Continued Development: Despite the initial announcement in late 2021 and the relative secrecy since, Kalinowski reaffirms Meta's ongoing work on Project Nazare, focusing on delivering a seamless integration of digital and real-world visuals.

  • Strategic Testing: Meta's current Ray-Ban smart glasses are seen as a stepping stone, testing elements like AI-assisted queries and music streaming which may inform the AR glasses development.

Why It Matters: Project Nazare's focus on high field of view and immersive experience reflects Meta's strategy to lead in the AR market by creating a device that significantly enhances user interaction with technology. The anticipated release sets high expectations for the future of AR, potentially reshaping how users engage with their environments and blurring the lines between digital and physical realities more than ever before. This development could elevate user experience standards and push competitors to also innovate more aggressively in the AR space.


The Path To Profitability: Meta’s VR Revenue Soars 30% In Q1

Courtesy: UploadVR

Meta's AR/VR division, Reality Labs, has reported a significant 30% increase in quarterly revenue in Q1 2024, driven largely by strong sales of the Quest headsets. Here's what's shaping these results:

Key Developments:

  • Revenue Growth: Reality Labs generated $440 million in revenue this quarter, up 30% from Q1 2023, signaling a robust demand for Quest headsets despite a general slowdown compared to previous years.

  • Market Adjustments: Amidst changing market dynamics, Meta is rumored to be preparing a more budget-friendly version of the Quest 3, tentatively named "Quest 3S" or "Quest 3 Lite," aiming to replace the older Quest 2 and cater to a more price-sensitive segment.

  • Operational Costs and Strategies: While the division saw a slight decrease in costs by 1%, totaling $4.29 billion, it still incurred a substantial loss of $3.85 billion for the quarter. These figures reflect Meta's ongoing commitment to investing heavily in future technologies, particularly AR glasses and neural wristband input devices.

Why It Matters: The latest financial outcomes from Meta Reality Labs underline the continued interest and potential growth within the VR sector, despite facing challenges in maintaining the momentum post-launch. The introduction of a lower-priced Quest model could be crucial for sustaining sales velocity and expanding consumer accessibility.


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RayBan Glasses Gets Visual AI In The US & Canada.

  • 🎮 Zuckerberg reaffirms that despite opening Horizon OS to third-party makers, Meta's first-party Quests will remain the most popular headsets.

  • 🕶 John Carmack says opening up Meta Horizon OS to third-party headsets might not be the best idea.

  • 📞 Ray-Ban Meta glasses introduce video calling and Vision AI in their latest update.

  • 🧠 A new study highlights the use of virtual reality to combat depression, showing promising results.

  • 🎥 VR film on the October 7 Hamas attack provides an immersive view of the events.

  • 🖐️ SenseGlove announces the Nova 2, a wireless VR glove with palm feedback, soon available worldwide.


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